Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Scott Pelley, and the CBS Evening News

Am sorry that Scott Pelley will soon be leaving the CBS Evening News. He is a fine anchor, and a terrific reporter; I've enjoyed watching his newscasts very much, over the past several years. Am certainly glad, though, that he's staying with 60 Minutes.

"Raymond J. Pfeifer, 9/11 Firefighter Who Sought Care for Survivors, Dies at 59"

From the New York Times story, below:

"Senator Chuck Schumer of New York said in a Twitter post on Sunday: 'You meet very few truly great men in your life. Ray was one of them.' "

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Essay by conservative columnist Ross Douthat

The piece by Mr. Douthat, the New York Times columnist, is pretty startling.  It is titled: "The 25th Amendment Solution to Remove Trump."

"A Few Good Men," and President Trump

In very important ways--whether it is, for example, Mr. Trump's routine reliance on falsehoods; or, as we now learn, his reckless handling of highly classified information--it is clear that we are living under the "A Few Good Men" presidency: Mr. Trump "can't handle the truth."

Essay in The New York Times: "When the World Is Led by a Child"

An excellent column by David Brooks:

Washington Post column: "The experts were right: Trump isn’t fit to be president"

A piece by Anne Applebaum:

Sunday, May 14, 2017

CNN Sunday interview with James Clapper

From the CNN video, below:

"I think in many ways our institutions are under assault, both externally -- and that's the big news here, is Russian interference in our election system -- and I think as well our institutions are under assault internally," said former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, on Jake Tapper's CNN Sunday program State of the Union.

"Internally, from the President?" asked Tapper. Said Clapper: "Exactly."

Friday, May 5, 2017

Enjoyable video of baby goats, at Farm Sanctuary, in New York

This is a nice video, from April, of three baby goats, at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. Susie Coston, Farm Sanctuary's National Shelter Director, is also featured in the video. Farm Sanctuary is a fine organization; its web address is

Essay by George Will

"Trump has a dangerous disability"

Monday, May 1, 2017

President Trump, and CBS's John Dickerson

John Dickerson, the host of CBS's Face The Nation (and the political director at CBS News) is an excellent journalist and political analyst.

Here is a story about his newsmaking interview, which took place Saturday, with President Trump.

As CNN's Brian Stelter--another excellent reporter and analyst--notes, in the story:  "President Trump cut off an Oval Office interview with CBS anchor John Dickerson and gestured for him to leave the room when Dickerson repeatedly asked about the president's unfounded wiretapping claims."